Monday, 30 November 2015

Our SUPERWOMAN this week...Mallence Bart Williams ..Changing Impossble to I'M POSSIBLE

Mallence comes from one of the richest , yet poorest countries in the world Sierra Leone.

She single handedly changed the lives of 21 street kids, she met in the in the streets of FREETOWN under a bridge in a gutter called LION BASE. She recounts that everyone warned her that those boys were nothing but night robbers, thieves , gangsters and bad boys...
These were boys orphaned and displaced at the very young age of 3 by the Sierra Leone civil war and were labeled outlaws of society. She recognized creativity and talent in them and formed an organization called FOLORUNSHO, which is based on the principle of ''SHARITY'' instead of charity. A concept based on mutual respect and sharing. This concept creates self sufficient individuals that can finance their own education and well being. She believes charity creates inferiority and dependency.

FOLORUNSHO which translates as born under the eye of God (in Yoruba) produces arts, film, music and fashion. An organization that creates an opportunity for these boys to use those talents and creativity in shaping their own future...Today these boys have been able to create incredible fashion pieces that are featured in places such as New York, Miami, Berlin and Paris. Proceed from the sale of their work has enabled them finance their education and  provide better living conditions.  Most of them were not able to read and write when she first met them, but now some have gone on to study Law, Film making, Engineering and more. While she has been a huge inspiration to them, she refers to the boys as her biggest inspiration.
Mallence Bart Williams is our SUPERWOMAN and defines what it means to be Black African and Female.

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