Friday, 11 December 2015

Our Inspiration Today! .....African Maiden Dancers a Combination of Beauty,Strenght, Skill, Creativity and Talent.

Does anyone remember wearing outfits like this for traditional maiden dances???
I remember seeing Atilogwu dancers as a child, my mother had taken me to the yearly Christmas dance in my village where we had gone to spend the Christmas holidays. This dance usually took place around the 26th or 27th of December as one of the major events of the season, and people would come from all over neighboring villages ,just to see these beautiful and talented young girls display the acrobatic dances they have been rehearsing secretly all year round. I thought they were the most beautiful women i had ever seen as a child, they wore beautiful outfits made out of very unique African fabrics , designed and put together by them, and adorned their bodies in traditional beads and chalk, their hair worn in the most creative puff puff style, and they walked around looking like African goddesses of some sorts. 

After Seeing this girls for the first time as a child, there was nothing i wanted more then to be an Antilogwu dancer, I remember crying and begging my mother, every December when we went to see the dance to let to be an Atilogwu dancer, and she kept saying she would let me when i became old enough . Till this day i still have a picture in my head of the most beautiful dancers i have ever seen. With so much grace, beauty creativity, talent and strength , these women inspire us!.
What do you call them where your from??? We would love to hear from you.

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