Thursday, 3 December 2015


Hair is the crowning glory of any woman, and how you choose to decorate your crown, should be no one else's, but your own choice.

 Most often than not, black women are been judged by their hair. Hair has become a very important and vital issue in a black woman's life.Whether you choose to wear it straight, relaxed , natural, dread, colored or even shaved, you will be judged, criticized, praised, or even rejected in certain social, religious or even corporate organization. As a woman, how you choose to wear your hair, does not define who you are, but only shows one of the many ways you can express your creativity.
  • you choose to look like Beyonce and flip your expensive sexy long weave all around.
  • then  the next minuet decide to wear braids or twists or Ghana weaving with that beautiful coloured attachment you just bought.
  • Or look edgy , bold and colour your hair a fierce red like Rihanna 
  • Or decide to even make Faux locs and pretend you have real dread locs for a while (lol)
  • Or decide to do some bomb natural hair styles you just saw on this natural hair page on Instagram 
  • What if  you decide to shave part of your hair and wear a tapered cut or a mo-hawk
  • Or even shave off all your hair or go bald, because your confident you can pull it off.  
At the end of the day, hair is definitely not "one size fits all" ... your hair does not show how intelligent you are , or how many degrees you have, or how well your career is going or how much of a good person you are or even your achievements in Life. Like Indian Arie song title goes "I am not my hair". In summary YOUR HAIR DOES NOT DEFINE YOU. So go ahead and feel to switch up your style every once and again, whether you do it to suit your mood, outfit, occasion or even a look your digging at that moment, always remember its just a beautiful expression of your creativity.

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