Wednesday, 30 March 2016

All Things Fashion, Makeup and Beauty!!

Beauty Blogging has become a phenomenon that has swept through YouTube and across all social media platforms ,creating and re-creating makeup looks and tutorials,  giving us makeup tips, fashion tips and advice, helping us make decisions on products we are interested in buying with product reviews and try on,  un-boxing videos, swatch videos and first impression videos.

Here are a few very Interesting strong , black , talented and inspiring black women, that are changing the game for women of colour!. I mean who else understands our struggles better than our sisters! lol

 1. Jackie Aina.
Beautiful , Funny, Smart and very Intelligent are only a few words to describe her. In her own words She is "Changing the standards of beauty, one video at a time". And believe me when i tell you there is never a dull moment with this Half Nigerian beauty guru. She is hilarious and would make you laugh! And lets not forget she is also in the Military , talk about beauty and brains!

2.    Chanel Boateng
British born Ghanaian Plus size beauty blogger, amazing to watch , whether she is doing a makeup tutorial, a chat video, or a fashion tip video or even giving fashion ideas, her videos are always inspiring to watch as she makes you feel like you're her best friend, from just watching her. A strong buisness woman, with her own brand of makeup, there is no stopping her!

3.  Breeny Lee
A true definition that dark skin is indeed beautiful, she is a strong advocate for issues that has to do with the shade of your skin and how it affects a girls confidence. She is really inspiring to watch and indeed very beautiful. She gives incredible fashion, makeup and hair tips to her audience and did i mention her chat videos are super inspiring!

4.  Shirley B Eniang
Sophistication, class and style all put together and you have Shirley. Very beautiful, intelligent and classy this beauty and style blogger would show you the best outfit ideas and help you improve your fashion and style. In fact all i can say there is something about her that makes you feel like you have just received a very serious life lesson after watching her videos, because she will indeed school on all things fashion and lifestyle! lol

 5. Isoken Asemota
This Nigerian beauty eats, breaths and lives makeup. Whether your just starting out in makeup , looking to improve your makeup game , or just looking for inspiration , then she has your back. She has her own fashion and makeup line, holds makeup classes across the United States and other countries accross the world, talk about a super woman! And be ready for a party with her while watching her videos on YouTube , because she does not joke with her Afro-beat tunes!

 6. Jennie Jenkins
First time i saw her videos, she was struggling with problem skin, which was one of the most intriguing thing about her, because she gave hope to a lot of young women that also suffered from skin imperfections which often led to insecurity issues. She didn't just give them the hope they needed but also taugh them the creativity of using makeup to gain back that confidence. Since then her skin has transformed, and now its flawless. Very talented and beautiful she will give you incredible tips and tricks on Fashion, beauty and Lifestyle.

These are just a few of the numerous women of colour out there who inspire and motivate us !  Do check them out!
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