Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Black Women's Gold

Lets talk business, Shea butter is the third most exported goods from Africa and it has greatly impacted the world of beauty and health care. At first glance it looks intimidating with it's thick texture but the importance of Shea butter cannot be over emphasized that is why many from all over the globe have come to appreciate it's beautifying effect on all skin types.

 This creamy goodness is derived from Shea nut of the vitellaria paradoxa(Shea karite mangnifolia) tree which takes forty to fifty years before it is mature and able to produce Shea nuts.
 The demand for Shea butter is becoming high because of it's emollient quality, and many health benefits. It is used in personal care industry (hair care, body care, lip care and baby care), pharmaceutical and confectionery.

When it is ivory or yellow in its purest form, it contains vitamin A and has anti-aging benefits because of its collagen production. Shea butter has been linked to why black people look younger than fair skinned people of the same age, because of the continual use of Shea butter by black people.
Shea butter doesn't only enrich the skin, but also enriches African women. This is because the Shea nut tree grows uncultivated in 19 African countries, the Shea nut is picked by African women, who roast, grind and cook it into Shea butter, which is then sold to support their families, that is why it is referred to as 'Black women's gold'. African products can impact the world yes it can!

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 - Written by 

Elsie Alasia 
Contributor for Black African and Female 
A graduate of Linguistics and communications 
and a strong advocate for women's empowerment 
development and growth.