Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Can We Talk??? The Beauty Rebel

Beauty is a controversial and sensitive topic for women. Do women need to wear makeup to look beautiful? ...This has been an age old question that sits at the center of beauty controversies, as we evolve, trends evolve and some die out, while others survive to become a tradition. At the end we all come to agree that makeup or being make up free is a personal choice.

Out of the multiple controversies that surrounds natural makeup –free beauty has become a beauty rebel, born to an African American Father and Italian Mother, Alicia Keys needs no introduction as she leads the beauty rebels revolutionizing the concept of beauty in the 21st century. The songstress announced on the 31st of may 2016 writing an essay for Lenny letter (Lena Dunhan’s online newsletter) that she was no longer going to wear makeup, she revealed that she felt like a chameleon hiding her true image and the entertainment industry (Hollywood) made it hard for her to be herself “much women are brain washed into feeling like we have to be skinny, sexy, desirable or perfect”… she also said “I was not god enough for the world to see”. she felt make up was covering her true self and her esteem.
Keys solidified her no makeup fashion statement on the red carpet during the MTV Video music Awards (VMAS) without a drop of makeup, she shows up to work and functions makeup free, and has continued to walk on the red carpet makeup free. Women all over the world have pondered on makeup or no makeup day, with that taught in mind it is good to look good with or without makeup. Critics say Alicia can go without makeup because she is naturally beautiful and that she has a beauty regimen and beautician that caters to her appearance. She however reacted on twitter “y’all choosing to be makeup free doesn’t mean I’m anti makeup.
 Fans and a large amount of women A-list celebrities included have supported and lauded her for this. She has graced many magazine covers with her natural look but the beauty rebel Alicia keys elegantly appears on this month (February 2017) front covers of Allure magazine, sealing the deal screaming natural is here to stay and am comfortable in my own skin.

“Take a risk and believe in yourself”
                Alicia keys

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Sources: lennyletter.com, Ebony, Elle, Getty, Cosmopolitan.com, daily mail.

 - Written by 

Elsie Alasia 
Contributor for Black African and Female 
A graduate of Linguistics and communications 
and a strong advocate for women's empowerment 
development and growth. 



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