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Our Motivation This Week... Uzo Aduba

Every Day every hour, a black woman is somewhere making history....

Today we want to take a look at multi talented Singer and Actress Uzo Aduba  ...Born UZOUAMAKA ADUBA  on the 10th of February 1981. She is a descent of Achi, Enugu state, Nigeria and was raised in Boston, Massachusetts. 

  Uzo started off as an athlete in high school and won an athletics scholarship into the college of Fine Arts, Boston University. She then ventured into stage acting and built a career.
Uzo moved to New York in pursuit of her career  in  acting, taking free roles on stage performances while working as a waiter. 

Hard work paid off soon as she got her first award in performing arts, after her performance with the American  Repertory  Theatre, she was awarded for Outstanding Musical Performance and nominated for Helen Hayes Award for her performance in Translations of Xhosa by Comedy central. With  a reputable career in theatre productions she eventually moved to screen acting. 

Orange Is The New Black(crazy eyes)

When Uzo auditioned for the Netflix Series, ‘Orange Is The New Black’ she didn’t  get the role she set out for, she had a call back from the producers and was asked to take on an entirely  different  role “Suzanne Warren”  also known as crazy eyes. 

Orange Is The New Black series is set in a women’s prison, showcasing the  Lifestyle  and survival of the inmates. Her role  as Crazy eyes has been described  as a cultural  phenomenon and it marked the turning point in her career as an actress. Her role as Crazy Eyes bagged her millions of fans worldwide,  and awards including  Screen Actors Guild for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Comedy Series, 2014 Emmy for Outstanding guest actress in a comedy and 2015 Emmy for Outstanding  Supporting actress in a drama series. With both Emmy  awards in comedy and drama genres of the same role, Uzo is recorded alongside  Ed Asner as the only actors in history to win any Emmy in both Comedy and Drama for the  same role.

 “If they can learn to say Tchaikovsky and Michelangelo and Dostoyevsky, then they can learn to say Uzoamaka”

NB:  During her early  days  in  Boston, Uzo had it tough with having to  relate her name to her peers and  requested a change of  name to Zoe, her mother refused her a change of name saying the quote above. And these words made her sustain her traditional name. 

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