Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Makeup Anyone???

So we decided to share out thoughts on Makeup with our incredibly talented blogger friend Mariah Ruzengwe on her Blog The Libran Oracles ,....Be sure to check her out!!


Why do women wear makeup??? That would be a billion dollar question, as no two women can give you the same answer as to why they wear makeup.

When it comes to makeup everyone has an opinion about it; how much makeup you wear, whether you should wear makeup or not, or even what we consider or call makeup.
However as much as we all have our preference, our views and opinion on Makeup , we should also respect people’s choices and realize that makeup plays many different roles in every woman’s life. Every woman has her own special reason for wearing makeup, whether it’s to feel more confident, highlight her features, express herself, experiment with looks or just been creative or having fun.
 As a matter of fact, women wear makeup for a different reason every single time.  She could decide to look like she just rolled out of bed with a no makeup, makeup look, or go for a smoky eye in a night out with friends , or even decide to go for a sultry eye with a bold red lips for a date night with the boo.  All these are the different ways women choose to express and wear their personality using the creativity of makeup. 

Let's take a look at different scenarios below…
  • ·         To those who say “You look ugly without makeup”
It’s not that deep bro! it’s the same face with or without makeup
  • ·         To those who say “Why do you even wear makeup? You don’t need it.”
Even Beyoncé wears makeup .. (lol)
  • ·         To those that say “I only wear lip gloss and powder , I don’t wear makeup”
New flash boo! You do wear makeup!
  • ·         To those who wear makeup to impress a man
Girl!!! Don’t bother because that man can’t even tell the difference between your natural lips and that expensive Mac’s Ruby Woo lipstick you saved for months just to buy.
  • ·         To those who say “I like natural makeup like that of Kim Kardashian”
 Child!!! Close your eyes lets pray for you, “open thy eyes oh Lord! Fix it Jesus!” Amen!  .
  • ·         To those girls that say “My man says I don’t need makeup to be beautiful”
Check his social media hun! He only likes pictures of girls with makeup (sips tea…haha)
  • ·         And finally to the girl that loves makeup, and decides to wear her winged liner and lashes everyday…
Beat that face unapologetically and slay it Girl!!!

And remember! in the words of  Chimamanda Adichie;  A good shade of lipstick can always put you in a slightly better mood on dark days.”

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